• 420 Basket


    "High how are you? Or is it the other way around...have some fun with our 420 Basket!"

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    Cupcake Cannabis Set 

    Little Genie Cupcake Set Cannabis. These fun cupcake sets are a must have for any party. Great for all occasions, Bridal showers, birthdays, girl's night out, and plain old fun! Contents: 24 cupcake wrappers with 2 different designs, and 24 toppers with 4 different designs.

    THC The Game

    Kheper Games THC Game the psychedelic game of pot themed challenges and dares. Adult party game includes a 7 3/8 inches by 8 3/4 inches game board, a joint shaped spinner, 4 game markers, and easy to follow game rules. For 2 to 4 players (4+ players can play as teams).

    Plant Manger Shot Glasses (12)

    Plant Manager Novelty shot glass set of 12. Plastic cups.

    Party Bong Pot Leaf Bong Set

    Pot leaves adorn this beer pong set. 24 cups and 3 pong balls.

    420 Magic 8Ball Game 

    See through the haze! A 420 twist on the magic 8 ball game we all knew as kids. 

    Pot Leaf Ashtray 

    Potleaf Ashtray from Kheper Games. A green glass ashtray shaped like a potleaf! 

    I Don't Do Drugs I Just Smoke Weed Air Freshener 

    Vanilla scented air freshener from Kalan


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