• Kitchen Basket


    "Skip the bedroom…turn up the heat with our Kitchen Basket!"

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    Giant Pecker Apron

    Giant Pecker Apron from Ozze Creations

    Happy Ending Fortune Cookies (7 Included)

    Seven naughty fortune cookies for seven nights of fun. Each individually wrapped and baked fresh in the USA

    Sweet 69 lollipop tray

    Sweet 69! The Sweet 69 Lollipop Tray is perfect for crazy cooking in a kinky kitchen. Its easy and fun to whip up a batch of candy lollipops with this candy mold that makes up to six lollipops at a time. Directions are included.

    Rude Shaped Egg Fryer Penis

    Use this erotic and eggciting egg fryer for all kinds of kinky cuisine! It will be a real eye opener for a very special breakfast, lunch or dinner

    Penis Cookie Cutters

    Penis-shaped Cookie Cutters. 2 different shapes; 2 per package

    Penis Pasta 8.8oz (250g)

    This pasta is made from the world's finest Durum Wheat. It is not only hilarious, it is nutritional. This package comes with a recipe for Penis Pasta with Big Balls and Steamy Sauce. Adjust accordingly, pasta will increase with size when cooked

    Boobs Apron

    Boobie Apron is a great new adult gag gift for the special chef in the house. White apron adorned with the over sized boobs, pink bikini bottom and trimmed with black contrasting outline. One size fits most. Tie one on. Ozze Creations

    Chocolate Play Pens 2 Pack
    • Playful chocolate pens allow you and your lover to write edible notes on one another
    • Includes two flavors: dark chocolate and milk chocolate

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